Local News Headlines: September 12, 2023

Ali Patberg’s new Assistant Coach Title, as stated on the IU Athletics website

Ali Patberg named 4th Assistant Coach for IUWBB

The story was first broken by The Daily Hoosier, but confirmed by South Central Indiana News, that Ali Patberg has been named an Assistant Coach for Indiana University Women’s Basketball.

Quite the Birthday celebratory news for the 2nd year team Staffer, who turned 27 yesterday. She had been named Recruitment Coordinator after being cut by the Indiana Fever, following her amazing collegiate career.

Patberg, who was born and raised in Colombus, Indiana, was a superstar throughout Highschool and went on to play at Notre Dame in 2017. After transferring to Indiana, she quickly became the team’s leader, and accumulated 1752 points with 528 assists. She was selected in the 3rd round of the 2022WNBA Draft by the Indiana Fever, but was released prior to the start of the regular season.

Hamilton experiences major setback to Bloomington annexation plans
County Residents Against Annexation, Inc have experienced a major victory in their ongoing fight to preserve the will of Monroe County Residents against being annexed into the city of Bloomington, in what has been described as a massive land-grab, attempted by B;oomington Mayor John Hamilton.

Hamilton has been working to add 10,000 acres and 15,000 residents to the city since 2015, when he first officially announced his plan for annexation. After several road bumps on each parties side, this past week has placed a major detour in the Mayor’s plan, as a Monroe County Circut Court signed an order to Stay the current proceedings until other lawsuits involving some of the same parties, have been decided. The trial had been planned for November 13th.

The outcome will likely be years and years of delay for the effort, and meanwhile, Mayor Hamilton is a lame duck Administrator, leaving office in December of 2023.

Four sentenced to total of 42 years for 24-hour string of armed robberies in Indianapolis
Crystal Daniels, Detavion Daniels, Brandon Brinson, and Aaron Collier have all be sentenced for their roles in a series of armed robberies that took place in Indianapolis.

  • Crystal Daniels, 23, was sentenced to 14 years’ imprisonment after pleading guilty to three counts of interference with commerce by robbery and two counts of brandishing a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence. She was also ordered to pay $1,420 in restitution.
  • Detavion Daniels, 22, was sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment after pleading guilty to three counts of interference with commerce by robbery and two counts of brandishing a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence. He was also ordered to pay $1,420 in restitution.
  • Brandon Brinson, 25, was sentenced to 27 months’ imprisonment after pleading guilty to interference with commerce by robbery and was ordered to pay a $500 fine.
  • Aaron Collier, 21, was sentenced to 135 months’ imprisonment after pleading guilty to two counts of interference with commerce by robbery and brandishing a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence and was ordered to pay $1,420 in restitution.

According to court documents, on April 21, 2021, at approximately 3:45pm Collier, C. Daniels, and D. Daniels entered the Cricket Wireless on Arlington Avenue in Indianapolis, wearing face masks, ball caps, and carrying backpacks. C. Daniels pretended to shop while D. Daniels distracted a female employee at the service counter. Collier entered the store last, walked directly to the female employee and held her at gun point while demanding her to open the register. The trio was unsuccessful in their attempt to rob the store and quickly fled in a Chevy Suburban.

Just 15 minutes after the attempted robbery at Cricket Wireless, the trio drove 4 miles north to a Dollar General, located on N. Shadeland Avenue, to commit another robbery. At approximately 4:00pm, the three robbers entered the store, Collier brandished a black semiautomatic pistol, jumped over the counter, and forced a female employee on her knees while he held her at gunpoint, demanding her to open the registers and the safe. The other two robbers took an employe to the safe behind the counter and demanded her to open it. Once she did, C. Daniels took the money and dumped it into a yellow Dollar General bag. Additionally, D. Daniels approached a male customer standing in line and robbed him of $40 cash and GMC car keys.

Later that same day, IMPD detectives and FBI agents located the getaway Suburban parked in the parking lot of the Liquor Cabinet. The trio robbed a nearby Family Dollar, using the same process as before, and leaving in the getaway vehicle. IMPD officers conducted a traffic stop on the van and searched it. Located inside the vehicle were four suspects: getaway driver, Brandon Brinson, and all three robbers. Officers also located the following items:

  • a 10mm semi-automatic handgun.
  • Black handgun magazine containing 15 live rounds of 10mm ammunition.
  • 6 packs of Newport cigarettes taken from the Family Dollar.
  • Collier’s face mask.
  • 4 Swisher Sweet cigar packs taken from the Family Dollar.
  • Blue PPU box of 10mm ammunition containing 5 live rounds.
  • $187 in loose cash

Officers placed all four individuals under arrest and located the following cash amounts on each person:

  • Brinson – $521 in cash and a black ski mask.
  • Collier – $753 in cash
  • C. Daniels – $497 in cash
  • D. Daniels – $25 in cash

Open meeting held by City of Bloomington to receive public input for new park
The City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department will hold a public meeting at 6:30pm September 28th in the City Hall Council Chambers (401 N Morton St.) to kick off a new master planning process for Building Trades Park. Mader Design was selected to lead the master plan process. This is an initial meeting to provide input for the department and design team to develop ideas while working with community and neighborhood leaders, and a future meeting will be held to review preliminary plans for additional community feedback.

A simultaneous Zoom meeting is available by using this link: Building Trades Master Plan Kickoff Zoom Meeting.  Additionally, information from the meeting will be posted on the Parks and Recreation website and shared with the public with a comment form for an additional feedback period.

This Week in Hoosier History


1847 – Theodore Clement Steele was born in Owen County.  His family later moved to Waveland.  He studied art at home and abroad and gained fame as a member of the “Hoosier Group” of artists in the early 20th century.  His work is highly prized today.

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