Local News Headlines: November 28, 2023

Indianapolis man sentenced in Federal Prison after being found guilty of Trafficking Methamphetamine and Fentanyl
Steven Lamar Brown, 42, of Indianapolis has been sentenced to 246 months in federal prison. In June of 2023, a federal jury found Brown guilty of seven felony charges: five counts of trafficking methamphetamine and fentanyl, one count of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and one count of possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime.

According to court documents and evidence introduced at trial, between September 2020, and February of 2021, Brown was observed and recorded on video and audio selling more than fifty grams of methamphetamine on three separate occasions. On the recordings Brown can be clearly seen and heard weighing drugs and counting the money he received in exchange.

On February 23, 2021, IMPD officers attempted to stop Brown in his car to arrest him, but Brown refused to comply. Officers eventually stopped Brown, searched his vehicle, and found a loaded .380 caliber pistol in the glove box.

Later that day, law enforcement, including Task Force Officers with the Drug Enforcement Administration and IMPD officers, conducted a court-authorized search of Brown’s residence. Inside, throughout the house, they found a trove of illegal drugs, tools of the drug trade, Brown’s personal documents, and eight firearms, including three assault rifles, four handguns, and a shotgun:

Master Bedroom & Closet52.1 grams of a mixture containing fentanyl and heroin.26.3 grams of fentanyl100.96 grams of heroin165.5 grams of methamphetamine117 Xanax pills10.7 grams of cocaine base (“crack cocaine”)3 loaded semi-automatic assault-style riflesA loaded shotgunA loaded 9mm semi-automatic handgunBrown’s birth certificate and social security card
On and Under the Bed1.2 kilograms of synthetic marijuana in gallon-size bags28.0 grams of synthetic marijuanaA loaded .38 Special caliber revolver2 loaded 9mm semi-automatic pistols
Bedroom #2A metal kilo pressLoaded magazinesA box of ammunition behind a standalone mirror
KitchenA black digital scale with drug residue407.1 grams of synthetic marijuana

Brown has multiple prior convictions for felony offenses, including robbery, for which he was on parole when he committed these federal crimes. As a result of those convictions, Brown is prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition under federal law.

Water pipeline concerns, solutions top of mind for Rep. Negele as legislative session formally begins
As legislators gathered Tuesday to formally kick off the 2024 legislative session, State Rep. Sharon Negele (R-Attica) joined Statehouse leaders to discuss potential next steps for the LEAP district’s proposed water pipeline. Negele met with House and Senate leadership to share constituents’ concerns and identify potential legislative action regarding the pipeline and water management.

“We had a robust conversation on concerns our constituents have raised regarding the proposed pipeline as well as ideas to move forward,” Negele said. “There’s a decisive agreement on the need for a statewide water resource plan along with continued data collection. We also have support to continue pursuing legislation to establish guardrails that protect all the communities affected by future large water transfers.”

Negele said as lawmakers prepare to return to the Statehouse on Jan. 8, she will continue working on developing the legislation along with area legislators and with the support of legislative leadership. She said to move forward, the proposed water pipeline for the LEAP district would require funding approval from the Indiana General Assembly.

Negele encourages constituents to contact her to share their input and concerns regarding this issue or others by emailing h13@iga.in.gov or calling 317-232-9802.

Man caught attempting to steal dump truck from Ball State University
42-year-old Ryan Riggs of New Castle was recently arrested after attempt to steal a dump truck from Ball State University. Riggs was charged with Felony Auto Theft and Unauthorized Entry of a Motor Vehicle.

Ball State University Officers were called to the scene after university employees witnessed Riggs peering into a number of the school’s vehicles. When Riggs entered the truck, the employees drove their vehicle in a manner to block the dump truck from moving. After approaching Riggs, the employees stated that he told them, “I planned on stealing that,” in reference to the truck.

*Criminal Defendants are presumed innocent unless and until found guilty in a court of law

This Week in Hoosier History


1809 – Jonathan Jennings won a seat in Congress as a delegate from the Indiana Territory. He had run on the anti-slavery ticket. When Indiana gained Statehood in 1816, Jennings became the first Governor. 

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