Local News Headlines: January 15, 2021

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City Shares Final Report of Master Plan for Hospital Site Redevelopment 

The City of Bloomington published the master plan report for redevelopment of the current Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital site. In 2018, the City contracted to purchase the 24-acre site.  The proposed plan provides a broad, overall framework for the site’s redevelopment, focused on the 24 acres but also connecting with the wider area, to frame and align future decisions with the community’s goals, and will be presented to the City’s Redevelopment Commission next week. Upon the hospital’s planned relocation in late 2021 to the new Regional Academic Health Center, IU Health will be demolishing the existing hospital and preparing the site for redevelopment.    

Indiana University enrolled record number of students in fall 2020.

In fall 2020, Indiana University enrolled a record number of students, underscoring the university’s success in helping students begin, continue, or complete their studies. IU Online now offers 170 degree and certificate programs across IU’s seven campuses, up from 135 programs in fall 2019. Of these, 52 are undergraduate, 118 are graduate, and 28 are collaborative programs. For more detailed information, visit:  https://teachingonline.iu.edu/

MCCSC showcases 4th grade inventors

The Monroe County Community School Corporation has wrapped up their 4th Annual 4th Grade Maker Challenge where students designed an invention that improves the lives of the people in Bloomington during a pandemic. Students submitted drawings, models, prototypes. And creative stop motion videos to showcase their invention. Fourth graders in the Monroe County Community School Corporation learned about simple machines, famous inventors, the history of innovation in Bloomington, and more in the months of November and December. Congratulations to Walt V. from Templeton Elementary, Madison S. from Childs Elementary, Brendan F. from Templeton Elementary, Miranda R. from Grandview Elementary for their winning submissions!